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Poster: Chris U. Date: Mar 10, 2017 12:32pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Yes, Jerry loved New Castle

That is a great interview. Also this incredible tidbit that LIA mentions in the comments:


"I think that ultimately, the thing that would like to happen ultimately, would be that there would be no more identification of groups on the basis of names and that sort of thing, but music would be seen as what it really is, which is, you know, a group effort usually, and hopefully there would be like one enormous rock & roll band y'know, with participants from all over the earth y'know, I mean everywhere, I mean not just San Francisco but New York; everywhere there's musicians there'd be this sort of continuum of music, which would be - and people would go to concerts for example, they wouldn't - where there would be no headliner, you know, there would only be music y'know; and I think it would be groovy if it went to that place, rather than the star system and all the rest of that show-business stuff y'know, it's really unnecessary. But I think, yeah, there's a trend toward that happening, people playing more and more in different configurations and so forth. It's because it's fun."

This kind of thing happens at Ashkenaz a couple times of year and it's awesome. It's often a benefit with a theme built around a year (everybody plays songs written in 1968 or 1976) but there's also the tributes built around artists (e.g., Jerry or Leonard Cohen or Dylan or Marley etc). The gist is that the band evolves pretty much every song, with some members leaving as new ones get up on the stage. Effectively it's a completely different band every sixth song or thereabouts. Super fun, especially when the community of musicians involved is incredibly talented and diverse. This seems to be what Jerry was driving at.

I also totally get the idea of the energy flow that Jerry talks about in the Newcastle interview:

"[R]eally the one thing we've really got to offer - it's not money, it's definitely not money, it's not even the capacity to earn money - it's the capacity to create good energy. And that's what our real value is ... if any. Socially it'd be groovy to tie that in on a level, well ... for example, let me give you the example that to me was most perfect. That was about two years ago we played in Cincinnati, Ohio and with us there helping out were the Hog Farm. Do you know about the Hog Farm? ... right ... What happened was we played the gig and it was incredibly high and everybody had a real good time ... the following day the Hog Farm people with the help of the local radio station, the FM station ... underground radio ... organised a lot cleaning thing. What they did was they went to a very poor part of town, found an empty lot that people had been dumping garbage in for years and in the space of one day they cleaned out all the garbage in there, still on the basis of that initial energy from the concert, you know ... the good thing ... they used the radio to describe to people what was going on, and say we need all the help we can get, we need a couple of trucks, you know and people came right through with it."

It's a real "thing." You see some of these shows and you just walk on a cloud for a day or two. And then maybe you go to another show and you bring that energy with you and you dance with someone else and you bring them up. And together all the energy just brings the band up. And the band throws it back at you. It's a feedback loop. What's really cool about it is that -- as the Dead figured out -- you don't really need to rely on buckets of LSD to get phenomenally high if the music is positive and inspired.

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Poster: Dave Davis Date: Mar 13, 2017 10:04am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Yes, Jerry loved New Castle

LIA is the true researcher who publishes book-worthy analysis. I'm still only a fan who is good at researching

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Poster: Reade Date: Mar 12, 2017 9:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Yes, Jerry loved New Castle

A rumination on leadership- what it can be, what it can look like, apart from the popular perceptions of it.....:

Garcia: " ... Now, the black scene is going away from the whole violent revolutionary trip and *they're concentrating on basically accomplishing one or two things in the community, thus gaining community support. Which is really where it's all at anyway ... and away from the ego trip type of ... you know what I mean, where the leaders get to be the focus of the thing."*

".....that's the fix ... like our energy is not topical. It doesn't make a political statement, it doesn't make a statement concerning morals or anything like that, it's just good energy ... and good clean energy. And if after that energy has been, you know, flowing *then it's a matter of somebody stepping in saying, look we've got this good energy, let's move with it, let's go ahead and do something."*